Where Do You Begin When You Want to Write Your First Novel?

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Writing a novel is dream that many of us hold in our hearts, your novel does not have to be your dream. All you need is to dedicate some time to learn how to bring out that novel inside you. A new e-guide, Bring out the Novel Inside You, has been written to help you make your dream come true. Here is some great advice from this e-guide on how to begin to write your first novel.

You want to write a novel, perhaps a mystery. Maybe it's a saga, or a short story.  Or perhaps it's your very own biography. How do you get into it? Where do you begin?  With that question, you may have opened up more ideas than enough to take you into a great story.

Writing An Outline

I guess it's a matter of working methods and whether it works for you.

An outline is seeing the whole story in your mind's eye and writing a specific outline from beginning to end. If you can envision the whole story it may be a system for you.

What Is A Protagonist?

Here's one suggestion for novels; one I use more often than any other.

I listen. I hear someone say something like: “Why is youth wasted on the young?” Provocative perhaps, but nonetheless worthy of discovering your ideas on the subject. Or, for a saga you may sit and mull over a few things and wonder why man seemingly needs to land on Mars.

Then there's always the romances already built within our systems. Sooner or later, in our own life, we fall victim to them. There is no end of subjects for writers to develop. The difference between oneand the other is the way in which it's presented – from your personal point of view.

What Shall My Genre Be?

Shall I write a fictional novel? Or will I concentrate on mysteries. Maybe historical fact is more for me.

Or... I could try all three – and even more.

Once you decide which genre (genre is the style of book you want to write), suits you best, you may again wonder:

How do I Begin?

There are several methods. Some find just a “working title”. Believe me, the very title will conjure many ideas for beginning. Let's look at this suggestion for starters.

Take an hour or so and sit and write just titles of what could be a novel.

Here is what an example of what I mean:

“The 39th Message on The Cell phone” (woooooo – scary).

“'A Row of Shattered Titles” (Did the roof cave in?)

“A Well-Known Confidential Record” (a comedy, no doubt).

I could go on all day long, but I want you to understand that JUST A SIMPLE TITLE can give you so many ideas you can complete an entire book.

That's why I say there is no such thing as “writer's block”.

Stay with me here, because we are now going to begin to write a story about a family of survivalists and we'll title it “The Last Climb.”

At present, we have only small ideas we would like to expand.

You can grab any title out of thin air and make it work.

That's where authors begin. They take a headline from some publication.

Or, they have a “beef” about something that's going on in the world and, heaven knows, there are plenty to choose from these days.

It doesn't take much to find a title.

Bring out the Novel Inside you is a great e-book, but it isn't going to be just a dull list of rules and regulations for you to follow or commit to memory. Nothing is more deadly to the senses than that and, heaven knows, there's enough deadening of senses going on without more. Instead, the e-book is more like a conversation between the author and the reader. That’s much more palatable, I believe.

You can start to bring out that novel that is inside you today!

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Where Do You Begin When You Want to Write Your First Novel?

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This article was published on 2008/12/29