Can Novels Be Topical? Gerald Seymour Says Yes

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Gerald Seymour's is perhaps one of the most enduring names in realm of British writers who have enjoyed worldwide success. His first book Harry's Game appeared on the literary scene way back in 1975, which revolved around a British agent who infiltrated Provisional IRA, that too at a difficult time. The first book was almost like an explosion, which took the literary world by storm (cliché but true). The skills that Gerald Seymour had acquired when he was a news reporter came in handy while crafting his characters. Even now, nobody can accuse Gerald Seymour of having erred in judgment at any point.

Finger on the Pulse of the Future


He is a widely travelled person who has been to most of the war crimes scene in Croatia, or to the Berlin Wall – whatever it is; he always has the proverbial finger on the pulse of the future. Contrary to the US government, Gerald Seymour holds the view that Iran is most important player in the Islamic world. He says Iraq is nothing more than a regime whereas Iran is much more than that; it represents the Islamic world, which has lasted for far longer.

Novels Which Start Just With a Headline


Gerald Seymour tries to write topical stories, which is easier said than done on the novels scene. It takes about two years for his novels to be published, whereas his news reports would be broadcast on television within 24 hours, even when there was no cable TV. Most of his novels have started their life just as a photograph or a headline in the newspaper, and then they assume a life of their own.

No Support for Those Who Deserve It


Gerald Seymour gives the example of an American ship captain which fired a missile at an Iranian airliner, he (the author) kept the news cutting for future use confident that it would come sooner or later. It did, since Iranians planted a bomb under his wife's car, and her community treated her like a pariah (whereas she deserved sympathy and respect).

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Can Novels Be Topical? Gerald Seymour Says Yes

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This article was published on 2010/09/23